Blue Water Cafe Yaletown Vancouver

On occasion, I like to make it rain. And to do so, I go to my fave restaurant in Yaletown, Blue Water Cafe.

Mains are in the $30 + range, and they feature dishes under the titles “Land” or “Sea”. Thankfully there are no creatures on the menu that are both land and sea animals, otherwise the entire menu would be thrown out of whack.

I ordered Scallops with a citrus dressing accompanied by wild rice medallions. My paps ordered some form of fish, perhaps Sablefish, but I was too busy chomping down on the side plate of pomme frites spritzed with truffle oil and showered in Parmesan flakes to really pay attention.

fries, blue water cafe, pomme frites

Pomme Frites otherwise known as fries

Scallops, Blue Water Cafe

The amazing flash on my iPhone really brings out the colour of the scallops.

Blue Water Cafe also has it’s very own SUSHI RESTAURANT. What? Yes a Sushi bar on one side of the restaurant. My theory is that the restaurant was originally a Sushi restaurant, and they thought it would be ironic to leave some of the existing furniture (and Sushi chefs) in there.

Mad props to you Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown. I love you and your land and sea animals. Brap brap brap.

Blue Water Cafe
1095 Hamilton St,
Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4


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