Pourhouse Vancouver Restaurant Gastown

Pourhouse, which also rhymes with whorehouse, is a trendy food and liquid establishment in Gas Town.

The staff are handsome, the food is riveting (yes, rivetting), and the drinks are splendid.

The mains are priced at about $20 and up and are extremely interesting. Think caviar, cabbage burger, mackerel interesting. I might have made that up as I can’t remember exactly what was on the menu, but it was something along those lines.

I ordered a classic sausage and mash, with purple kale, and sweet dressing. I was expecting sub par pub food and was shocked to taste the best sausage and mash i’ve ever had. And yes that’s a pretty big statement as I am from England.

Big thumbs up to the superb staff at Pourhouse and the amazing chefs. You done good son. This might have been my second time there in two days…

Pourhouse, vancouver, restaurants, gastown, things to do

Beet and blue cheese salad

Pourhouse, Vancouver, Gastown

Straight balling with Brandy

Pourhouse, Vancouver, Gastown, Restaurants

A blurry quote by Frank Sinatra on their menu


162 Water St,
BC V6B 1B2


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